30 Days to Change Your Life – September

Can you believe it’s almost September already? As a friend said last week, we just celebrated the new year! Yet here we are, most all of the kids back in school, young adults moved to college, and I must confess I bought a Christmas ornament today at the craft store – there year has flown by!

So how many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you stuck to? All of mine are still floating around in my head – but the only one that I’m actively working on is reading through the Bible, and I’m behind on that!

Alas, in the Media Library we have been focusing on a new area to work on each month, and for September we are looking at learning a new hobby. Have you always wanted to throw pottery on a wheel? Take up woodworking? Or pull all of those pictures you have stuck in the closet out of the boxes and get them into a scrapbook album? We have come up with a collection of materials to get you started. Starting in September, we will also have examples of handiwork from some of our members, so be sure and stop by the window as you come in to get a book!

30 Days to Change Your LIfe

This year in the Library we are looking at New Year’s Resolutions a bit differently.  Instead of trying to change several things at the beginning of the year, we are going to keep the motivation going all year, and help you focus on one thing each month.  Based on Luke 2:52, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” we are going to look at subjects related to learning (wisdom), physical (stature), spiritual (in favor with God), and relationships (and man). There will be a selection of books related to each topic in the library during the month that it’s featured.  I’ve read if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit.  So, if you focus on that thing for a month, you should be all set.

We are starting with “Making Your Home Comfortable and Inviting: organizing, decluttering, cleaning, and simplifying”.  What a great time of year to clean out and start fresh in your home!

One idea for staying on top of organizing all those little spaces in your home that get out of hand is taking 30 minutes every other day or so to clean out and organize one space (closet, cabinet, drawer).  You don’t have to spend all day working to be effective – just do what you can, when you can.  Also, keep a system going where you have baskets or boxes near your front door (in the coat closet, maybe) labeled for things like “Donate”, “Deliver”, “Gifts”, “Library”, etc.  You could even take an empty diaper box (or any other box you have) and line it with fabric – it’s always more motivating to use something if it’s functional and cute.

The library has several books on topics like this – with tons of great tips to get you on the organized path this month.  Stop by and let us help you get started!

Library Training Conference

On September 18, Crievewood hosted the Tennessee Baptist Convention Church Library Training for Middle Tennessee. There were church librarians from all over the area at our church learning the latest and greatest things related to Church Libraries. The conferences have a new face this year, Doug Eaton, who will also be conducting classes at other Library Training events. In his morning session we learned what dinosaurs in the AV closet might need to be thrown out, and what just may get used down the road. Thanks to his insights, we are cleaning out those shelves in the work room!

Doug also taught a session on how to make your library display go digital, as you may have noticed the current one in the Library window did a few weeks ago! We have a list of ideas to use these practices in the future, too … so be on the lookout!

There were about 70 Church Library workers at Crievewood that day, and we heard nothing but good things about the conference! A huge thank you to Anita and her staff who kept us fed for the day (and very well!) and to Sam for being the AV man on sight, and to Wes and the custodial staff for getting us all set up – the Library staff appreciates you all!

What’s going on in the Library?

With the end of summer comes the end of the “Books Can Take You Anywhere!” Summer Reading Program.  It was a huge success!!  We had a total of 12 readers who earned a total of 320 miles on their trip!  Way to go!!

The top readers in the preschool and children’s division were Cade Myatt and Hannah Hitchcock, respectively.  New books were placed in the library in their honor!

In September Crievewood will be hosting the TBC Church Librarians Convention, so we are gearing up for that.  One focus of the Convention will be using technology in the Church Library (a conference led by our own Doug Eaton).  As part of this focus we have just added a little technology to our display window – you will have to stop by and check it out!

Summer Reading Club

for Preschoolers and Children!

Books Can Take You Anywhere!

 Join us in the church library this summer for a reading road trip.  All children birth through sixth grade are invited to participate.

 Dates:  June 13-July 25

 Stop by the church library on June 13 to sign up, choose a car (which will be yours to keep), and begin a fun journey.

 You will earn “reading miles” for every book you read. Preschoolers may earn miles for books read to them.

Don’t miss this fun trip!

What’s Next?

Thank you for participating in the church library’s 15-minute challenge. We trust that reading from Christian literature for 15 minutes a day made your preparation for Easter more meaningful. Now that the official challenge is over, please don’t stop reading. There are other wonderful titles in the church library just waiting for you or your children. If you are a teacher, there are Bible study helps. If you are a parent, there are parenting books. There are titles for making your marriage stronger or helping you manage your time and money. And there are titles just for fun reading!