30 Days to Change Your Life – September

Can you believe it’s almost September already? As a friend said last week, we just celebrated the new year! Yet here we are, most all of the kids back in school, young adults moved to college, and I must confess I bought a Christmas ornament today at the craft store – there year has flown by!

So how many of your New Year’s Resolutions have you stuck to? All of mine are still floating around in my head – but the only one that I’m actively working on is reading through the Bible, and I’m behind on that!

Alas, in the Media Library we have been focusing on a new area to work on each month, and for September we are looking at learning a new hobby. Have you always wanted to throw pottery on a wheel? Take up woodworking? Or pull all of those pictures you have stuck in the closet out of the boxes and get them into a scrapbook album? We have come up with a collection of materials to get you started. Starting in September, we will also have examples of handiwork from some of our members, so be sure and stop by the window as you come in to get a book!

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